Benefits of Suburban Business Parks

Today, businesses are re-evaluating their workspaces and deciding what is most important for them and their employees. Suburban business parks have been on the rise for decades but the benefits have never been more top of mind than they are today. Terracon is Winnipeg’s leader in business park development and we are taking the lead in providing safer work spaces and a better quality of life for employees in our business parks.

Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces within our parks are what really set us apart – we strive to create welcoming, peaceful environments that promote spending time outside. Spending as little as 2 hours a week in nature can help increase concentration, alertness, and productivity all while reducing sick leave and stress levels. Our mature trees, extensive landscaping, and calming ponds create the perfect environment for hosting outdoor meetings or events and providing your employees with the option to go for a walk or eat lunch at one of our picnic tables. To further promote spending time outside your employees will be able to take park in on-site organized activities like yoga classes or pond hockey.

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Limited Touchpoints

Having an office in one of our business parks means you won’t have to worry about anyone else. There are no shared spaces such as lobbies, elevators, or meeting rooms. Each work space features dedicated entrances limiting your space to only your team and clients. You also have the ability to control how touchless you want your space to be. Our construction team can work with you to reduce touchpoints and improve the safety of your workspace.

Self-Controlled HVAC

Gone are the days of everyone being too cold. Our spaces have dedicated tenant specific HVAC units giving you complete control of the temperature while bringing fresh air directly into your space. You also have the ability to upgrade your air quality by improving air filtration systems and installing modern air scrubbing technologies – some of the people who build this technology are actually tenants in Terracon’s business parks!

Dedicated Parking & Shorter Commutes

Our parks are strategically located throughout the city to be closer to where your employees live, often significantly reducing commute times. There is also the benefit of having access to dedicated parking spots, your employees won’t need to worry about finding a parking spot or paying high parking costs. Making a move to one of our parks could save your employees over $200 a month in parking fees.

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